We support the strategic vision of an incumbent management team, and challenge them to realise their full potential.

Our Investment Approach

Our partnership with management is built on a shared vision of how the company's value can be maximised. We work with management to develop that vision and we provide the support needed to realise it - financial, strategic or operational.

We only work with existing management. We invest in businesses that provide products or services that their customers would badly miss. 

We find these characteristics in many industry sectors.  Our experience tells us that investing in high quality companies alongside their management is a reliable way of achieving above average returns over a sustained period.

The emphasis is on support.  We will not run the business but we will assist the CEO in establishing priorities and making any changes necessary to deliver the plan.


Investment Story

Christian Onselaere.jpg

Christian Onseleare

"ADB's Business Plan was created in a series of brainstorming sessions involving my key management team and taking input from Montagu. The combination of our knowledge and Montagu's experience and ideas on how we could develop our business further, led to a comprehensive plan that was quickly adopted by the whole organisation.

Our plan involved clear three year targets for value creation. We focused on five core domains: portfolio improvement, market offensives,cost reduction, working capital improvement and governance. Thanks to rigorous implementation, and regular follow-ups, the plan has truly become ADB's engine for change. And the good news is that, so far, we are ahead of schedule!"