We work to create value in partnership with management teams.

Working with Montagu

We work with management teams to carry out an early review of strategy, operations and organisational structure. This leads to a mutually agreed Business Plan on which our investment is based. We then provide specialist resources to support the implementation of this Plan. The strategy for each of our investments is management's strategy, driving each of our businesses to optimal performance.

To understand the key drivers to creating value we will support management in carrying out an early review of strategy, operations and organisation. This leads to a mutually agreed Business Plan. We will then provide specialist resource to support the implementation of this Plan. Our strategy is management's strategy, driving the business to optimal performance.

Our team includes a small number of former CEOs and consultants with a wealth of industry knowledge and, importantly, an understanding of the opportunities and risks inherent in a management buy out. When we make an investment, during the first three to four months of our involvement, we will help the management team to finalise and start to implement the Business Plan. Reporting directly to the CEOs of our investments one or more of our team will act as a source of advice and support as well as providing on site expertise to see the plan through. They will also make themselves available, as required, for ad hoc assignments within the company over time.

Investment Story

jesper kristensen 2.jpg

Jesper Kristensen

"As soon as we had acquired the business, my colleagues and I joined Montagu on a very specific journey - the Business Plan. First we looked at immediate improvements through dedicated initiatives, and then we started down the path to creating the "new Unifeeder".

Montagu's belief in creating close working relationships with my team proved a great source of comfort and, ultimately, value. Within months, assisted by Montagu, we had made major changes: operating structures were streamlined, infra-structure costs entirely reset and we embarked on a major project to professionalise the entire organisation.

We and Montagu agreed a clear set of joint objectives and, in implementing the agreed plan, we found that Montagu thoroughly understood the situation that we found ourselves in as the new owners of the business."