Montagu has over 50 years of experience, but we never stop learning.

At the heart of Montagu is the belief that there is always more to learn and something to improve. This drives how we think, how we work and how we create value for our portfolio companies and investors. This philosophy is also reflected in our three core values.

Our Values

  • How we behave should stand the test of changing times
  • Share what is relevant, however difficult or embarrassing
  • Clear, understandable decision making
  • Always assume we may be wrong rather than assuming we are always right
  • The firm is bigger than any of us; we are a collective endeavour
  • Everything can be improved
  • Preserve and build on the corporate memory
  • Be prepared to do what it takes to meet the challenges of our time
  • We are a meritocracy, attracting, developing and retaining the best

Life at Montagu


Strong team


Locations across Northern Europe


Hours' training held in 2019

Montagu is a fast-paced and highly rewarding place to work.  We want everybody to have a long and fulfilling career at Montagu and we support every member of our team to develop and grow.   

Associate Programme and the Montagu Academy

We are committed to attracting and developing fantastic talent regardless of professional experience or background.   

Our Associates Programme is designed to provide a route into private equity for those at an early stage in their career.   

Our training and rotation programme, the Montagu Academy, is designed to give Associates the tools they need to develop and a holistic understanding of how Montagu succeeds. The Montagu Academy comprises a structured programme of senior led seminars and teach-ins that are open to all and regular sessions with the full investment team to share experiences and learnings.   

  • Sabrina Ramge Icon

    Sabrina Ramge

    Associate, Frankfurt

    "I joined Montagu to be part of an ambitious team with a strong focus on building relationships and forming partnerships with its portfolio companies.  There is a great team spirit; we speak openly and I feel my team supports my learning and development."

  • Sami Khan Icon

    Sami Khan

    Associate, London

    "Although I’m only early in my career at Montagu I have had a great experience from the start. The team goes out of their way to teach and to help me. This fosters an open and supportive culture that will allow me to reach my full potential."

  • Katerina Turner-Soukeras Icon

    Katerina Turner-Soukeras

    Investment Director, London

    "Being an Associate gave me a fantastic grounding in private equity and I was given real responsibility early on. It also showed me why we do what we do – building a partnership with management teams creates more value for them and our investors."

  • Adrien Sassi Icon

    Adrien Sassi

    Director, Paris

    "Montagu is a learning organisation with a dynamic meritocracy.  Since I joined 9 years ago as an associate, Montagu has given me the opportunity and support to learn and grow into a deal-leader."

Working with Montagu

Our relationship with Montagu is founded on trust and the confidence that they will deliver what they say that they will.

Marc Hämel, CEO, Nemera

We create value through partnership with our portfolio company management teams. 

We work together, sharing our experience, network and methodology to give teams the support and firepower they need to realise the Full Potential of their businesses.

This Full Potential Partnership approach has been central to our investment process over the long term, but our culture of learning and development means we continue to improve with experience, ensuring our portfolio companies receive the best support possible.

Montagu in the Community

We are proud to support initiatives that encourage positive change in our local communities.

We continue to support several local charities and organisations including South London Cares and St. Thomas the Apostle College.

  • South London Cares Icon

    South London Cares

    We host regular "back to work" lunches for retired residents in our local area and members of our team have participated in marathons and other sporting events to raise money.

  • St. Thomas the Apostle College

    Since 2008, we have supported St. Thomas the Apostle College in a variety of ways.  Fortnightly, we visit students and hold reading sessions and we also welcome a number of students each year to gain work experience at Montagu's offices.