Aqua Lung

A leading manufacturer of branded diving equipment

Aqua Lung was launched in 1946 under the name La Spirotechnique by French explorer Jacques Cousteau, Emile Gagnan and Air Liquide. It had remained a subsidiary of the Air Liquide group since.

Aqua Lung designs and produces a broad range of scuba diving equipment for recreational and professional use. Having gained global recognition in diving under the brands Aqua Lung and Apeks, the company successfully forayed into several other aquatic equipment markets (including free diving, snorkelling, fitness and competition swimming).

Montagu was attracted to invest in Aqua Lung due to its strong positions in stable market niches, the outstanding reputation of its products and its substantial primary potential to unlock.

Deal details

Deal type: Management Buyout Investment Year: 2016 Country: France Status: In portfolio Value: Undisclosed Industry Sector: Consumer