Manufacturer of chemicals for household detergents and personal care products


Montagu led and structured the £32.6 million Management Buyout of Manro Holdings Limited ("Manro") from its parent, Hickson International plc in 1996. The total institutional investment of £13.3 million was co-underwritten with NatWest Ventures who invested £3.3 million. The balance of the funding was provided by Midland Bank by way of a term loan, working capital facilities and capital expenditure facilities.

Manro was a leading manufacturer of chemicals for the major producers of household detergents and personal care products and of speciality chemical for general applications. It operated production plants at Stalybridge in Cheshire and Liege in Belgium.

Deal details

Deal type: Management Buyout Investment Year: 1996 Country: United Kingdom Status: Realised Value: £38 million Industry Sector: Industrials