Manufacturer of instruments and reagents for in-vitro diagnostics

Sebia is a world leading manufacturer of instruments and reagents for in-vitro diagnostics. It was founded in 1967 by Guy Barouh and since 2008 has been led by Benoît Adelus. The company's head office, research and production facilities are located in Lisses, South of Paris, France.

Sebia’s technology is based on electrophoresis, the process through which a sample is analysed under the influence of an electric field. The electrophoresis of proteins contained in human serum allows clinicians to provide a precise diagnostic for various types of diseases such as certain cancers, haemoglobin deficiencies and diabetes.

In December 2014, Montagu, jointly with Astorg Partners, acquired control of the company. Montagu chose to invest in Sebia based on its market positions, its technological leadership, and the growth prospects of the underlying markets. Backing a management team we know well, Montagu will support Sebia in growing its global presence and gaining further market share across its current portfolio of pathologies and beyond.

Deal details

Deal type: Management Buyout Investment Year: 2014 Country: France Status: Realised Value: €1.34 billion Industry Sector: Healthcare